Day of Event

Dear Health Equity Accelerator Participant,

We are delighted you have chosen to participate in this one-of-a-kind summit!

Collaboration is at the heart of creating the change we seek in health equity, where the collective effort of many achieves what an individual leader cannot. Health equity transformation stands as the most significant challenge of our generation, for it is not only a moral imperative but also the linchpin for enhancing the overall well-being and resilience of our underserved communities, ultimately shaping the health and prosperity of the ones we serve. 

We promise that the intent and design of this summit is to engage your thoughts, create opportunities to better understand how health value contributes to health equity, and provide a discussion framework for you, your organization and your community.

For now, here are some key reminders:

If you are attending in person:

1) Please make sure to arrive by 8:00 am to confirm your registration, grab some coffee, and say hello to other participants.

2) Try seating with others you may not know. This will contribute to enhanced interactions and richer discussions.

3) Engage the conversation through active listening. Take notes, ask questions, contextualize the discussion to your work, communities, and interests. While this summit concentrates on the RGV, we want to ensure the content is relevant to your communities.

4) Please commit to stay throughout the course of the agenda. We have a very engaging schedule full of opportunities to not be talked to but collaborate and exchange knowledge.

5) Health equity is an imperative in health care system reform. Please share your thoughts as to how we can best represent this imperative, achieve equity, and improve value-based care.

6) This is a complex conversation which likely is unsolvable in one day. Strong focus on care, in turn, will guide our discussions. More specifically, whole-person care.

7) Download and print (if necessary, if not keep on your tablet) all resources available on our website.

If you are attending virtually:

1) While this summit is mostly designed as an in-person experience, we believe you will not be disappointed as you engage in it virtually. Our goal is to have as many instructions as possible. You will have reflection time. We hope you are not by yourself while attending, rather, have your team also engaged.

2) During the table tops activities, you will be mostly on your own. While there may be some breakout rooms participation, there will be some silent time as we activate the local small groups conversations. Please stay engaged as much as possible throughout.

3) Please use the chat functions as much as you can. Questions, recommendations, and overall participation through the chat box will enhance your and others’ experiences.

4) You can access the event day of by logging into your Eventbrite account, it will connect you to the zoom. If you have any technical issues, please contact Ashley Schwartz (